Willowbrook Security

In the event of my employment by Willowbrook Baptist Church, Inc., I will comply with all rules, regulations, and policies set forth in the Church-approved Personnel Handbook and any subsequent addenda.

I understand that Willowbrook Baptist Church may request an investigative report be prepared. This request may include information as to my character and general reputation. I have the right to request that Willowbrook Baptist Church completely and accurately disclose to me the nature and scope of such investigation if I make a request to the Willowbrook Baptist Church Personnel Committee within a reasonable time.

By signing this document, I also authorize Willowbrook Baptist Church to obtain a Consumer Report from an outside source. I authorize Willowbrook Baptist Church to obtain information regarding my creditworthiness, standing or capacity, personal characteristics, or mode of living from an outside source that regularly provides such information. I understand that information from such a report may be used by Willowbrook Baptist Church in making a decision regarding my employment. I understand that should my employment be denied due to information furnished to Willowbrook Baptist Church, by any outside source, that Willowbrook Baptist Church will notify me of this adverse action in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

I hereby acknowledge that I have read the above statement, understand it, and certify that the information contained in this document is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that knowingly making a false statement or omission in this document may be sufficient cause for rejection or for dismissal after employment.